Beauty Treatments at Emoya Spa

We offer the following Hand and Feet Treatments at Emoya Spa:


Microblading is a form of tattooing whereby 3D hair strokes are created to add volume and structure to the brow using a specially selected pigment that matches your skin tone. The look is extremely natural and lasts up to 18 months.

Please note, treatement can take up to 3 hours

R1 200
R   800



One Session
Ten Sessions
R 30
R 280



Kalahari Heavenly Hands 45min R 280
Royal Hands
A Heavenly Hands Manicure with a Hot Stone Hand and Foot massage whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of champagne.
90min R 400
Kalahari Floating Feet 60min R 380
Royal Feet
A floating Feet Pedicure with a Hot Stone Hand and Foot massage, whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of champagne.
90min R 550



Half leg / back / chest   R 120
3/4 leg   R 140
Full leg   R 160
Full arm   R 110
Underarm   R 80
Bikini   R 85
Brazillian   R 170
Lip / Chin / Nostrils   R 60
Full Facial   R 170
Eyebrow Shape   R 45



Eyelash   R 45
Eyebrow tint   R 40
Eyelash and Eyebrow   R 75
Spraytan   R 400



Bridal (includes trial)   R 700
Occasion   R 250



Full Set 2hrs R 500
Fill   From R150



Price will be confirmed after consultation   POR
Botulinum Toxin injections are used for fine lines and wrinkles. It is mainly indicated for use in the upper face at frown lines, the forehead and crow's feet. Other uses for Botulinum Toxin include: excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), muscle spasms, migraines and blepharospasm. Botulinum Toxin is effective and safe. Side effects include: redness and swelling at injection site, headaches, drooping of the upper eyelid - this is a rare complication and can be avoided by choosing an experienced injector. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and results will show within 7-14 days. The effect of Botulinum Toxin lasts 4-6 months, but is patient-specific.    

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