Massages at Emoya Spa

Massages soothe the body, ease the mind and unwind the spirit. You will feel relaxed with your mind stilled and your body revitalized after receiving our heavenly treatments.


Kalahari Candle Full Body 60min R 600
Kalahari Candle Back / Neck 30min R 450
African Stone Full Body 60min R 600
African Stone Back / Neck 30min R 450
African Stone 90min R 720
Hourglass Full Body 60min R 500
Hourglass Back / Neck 30min R 380
Couples Massage 45min R 800
Tula Baba Full Body (Pregnant women) 60min R 600
Tula Baba Back / Neck (Pregnant women) 30min R 450
Aromatherapy Full Body 60min R 600
Aromatherapy Back / Neck 30min R 450
Aromatherapy 90min R 720
Pressure Point Foot 45min R 400
African Head Massage 30min R 350
Spirit Massage Full Body 60min R 600
Spirit Massage Back / Neck 30min R 450
Basotho Foot Massage 45min R 350
Cupping 30min R 450
Cupping 60min R 600


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A foot Ritual, Welcome Drink and Welcome Ritual are included in all Massage treatments. If you wish to find out more or want to make a booking, please do not hesitate to contact Emoya Spa in Bloemfontein


Kalahari Facial



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